• Business Development Manager

    AFC Urgent Care
    Job Description
    Business Development Manager
    Objectives: To sell and market urgent care medical services to local businesses, physicians, and consumers. The key focus will be to grow the patient counts per day, increase the number of local businesses using our services and brand AFC Urgent Care to the consumer through marketing and sales events for multiple urgent care clinics in the area.
    Reports to: Owner/ President
    Primary Responsibilities:
    • Increase the total number of patients per day.
    • Develop strategies to increase market awareness of urgent care and occupational health services in the local area.
    • Develop definitions of target markets, business opportunities and customers through data mining, research, and experience.
    • Manage multiple clinic’s marketing development efforts.
    • Represent the company through calling on local businesses, medical practices, presentations, or industry events and assume full accountability for the ongoing management of these opportunities.
    • Develop and manage the departmental budget.
    • Establish and maintain effective, positive working relationships with all departments, center and corporate employees and franchisees.
    • Bachelor’s degree or relevant education
    • Successful experience developing, implementing, and achieving results with Sales and Marketing strategies, face to face sales appointments, cold and warm calling including but not limited to direct to consumer, business, and physicians.
    • Strong organization and communication skills.
    • Possess the skills to be independent, motivated and results driven on establishing new business following through with communications with all accounts and being held accountable for the growth in business.
    • Having worked in the medical field for sales and marketing is a plus.
    • Must pass a Florida medical Level II background screen.
    • Competent in public speaking
    Contact:  Paul Peiffer
    Email – ppeiffer@AFCUrgentCare.com
    Contact Information
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